Estrella Damm Beer

Estrella DAMM

The Beer of Barcelona


It was 140 years ago when the young August K. Damm and Melanie emigrated from their native Alsace escaping the Franco-Prussian war

Their journey took them to the Mediterranean with the dream to dedicate themselves to what they knew best: brewing beer

In 1876 they established their own brewery after having crafted a distinctive and evolved beer, more suitable for warmer climates and different than existing central European beers: The Mediterranean Lager Beer

Estrella Damm is still brewed using the original 1876 recipe with Mediterranean ingredients: barley malt, rice and hops. In order to do so we work together with Mediterranean farmers supplying them with the selected pure seed varieties used to harvest the beer’s ingredients. And we malt in our own maltery: La Moravia

Estrella Damm’s yeast is unique and stored under high security measures. It has a minimum of 3 weeks fermentation and lagering process. And ultimately, the brown bottle’s ultraviolet sun radiation protection together with an appropriate cold storage allows for enjoying a beer Mediterráneamente


Gold coloured with hints of amber and tones of pale green throughout. It appears clean and crisp in the glass, forms a cream coloured head and is dense with a lingering aftertaste. The first nose is creamy and dominated by aromas of year against a background of fresh spices enveloped in subtle roast flavours. Malted barley aromas dominate in the mouth. It has a balanced character lightly dominated by a bitter taste. A lively sensation of bitterness brings a long and refreshing finish.

Awards & Medals

Our Mediterranean Lager Beer has won many medals in International fairs making it renowned worldover.