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Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Syrah, Carmenere.

Caballo Loco is based on selecting the best vineyards from the best areas of Chile: The Alto Jahuel, Buin area in the Maipo Valley, located at the base of the foothills of Los Andes, is a classic area for Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon. The cooling air from the mountains allows for a very long and mild autumn. This results in silky tannins and a distinctive blackcurrant and dried fruit aromas.

Apalta in the Colchagua Valley is widely considered as the premium sub-region of the Valley. The Tinguiririca River takes the edge of the maximum temperatures and allows for a very long ripening cycle, perfect for Carmenere Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah to allow the flavours, aromas, and tannins to fully develop.

Sagrada Familia in the Curico Valley is the home of the Valdivieso vineyards of La Primavera. Situated in a small horseshoe shaded valley against the coastal ranges, it is north facing and protected from the breezes that flow up and down the Mataquito river. Malbec give excellent results in this vineyard, developing bright intense dark berry, and dark fruit aromas.

N° 13 Non Vintage (2008 50%, 1990 to 2007 50%)
While the wine does not carry a vintage, it does have a release number. Each edition is unique, containing 50% of the current vintage and 50% of the previous edition, which is kept back especially for blending.


▪ Grapes were hand picked and carefully selected.
▪ Bunches were gently hand de-stemmed.
▪ The fermentation is in small open top fementers for 10 days, pushing the cap by hand to ensure a complete and gentle extraction process.
▪ Temperature is kept between 28 to 32º C, and there is long post fermentation maceration on skins, of approximately 21 day
▪ The wine was aged for 18 months in French (100%) oak barrels.

Winemaking Philosophy: Based on the solera system, where approximately 50% of the blend is from the previous Caballo Loco.
At the end of the barrel maturation period, the current vintage is now blended with the previous edition. Thus the new edition is made, of which 50% is bottled and the remaining 50% is returned to barrel to continue ageing.

Tasting Notes
Colour: Attractive dark red-violet colour.
Nose: An intense aromatic profile dominated by ripe berry fruits, and underlayed with sweetspices. Complexity in its nose.
Palate: Full bodied and a structure with clear cellaring potential, with concentrated velvetytannins and a juicy mid palate. Sophisticated, with a long finish.
Aging Recommendations: Enjoy the concentration today or cellar for up to 12 years.